About Us

When it's time to move on from your old shared hosting provider and find a dedicated server host, our site makes it easy to find the right services for your needs.

Why Dedicated?

Your site is growing right along with your business. If your office staff tripled, you wouldn't try to cram them all into the same cubicle, right? So, why keep running your expanding site on the limited resources offered by shared servers? A dedicated server will offer more space than you could probably ever need. Then again, maybe you will need it. Why not dream big!

Not Technical?

That's okay. If you heard that dedicated servers are complicated for anyone who's not an IT genius, we can help you find a provider who offers either unmanaged dedicated hosting or managed, depending on what level of expertise you (or your IT staff) is most comfortable running. If you can handle everything yourself, great! No need to pay extra for managed services. If you're not even sure what a server is, pay your managed services provider to handle everything instead.

Crunching the Numbers

If looking at the cost difference between managed dedicated hosting and shared hosting made you feel a little queasy, there's another option for you: dedicated virtual hosting. Using virtual private servers, VPS hosting will offer similar capacity levels as dedicated hosting, but with significantly less cost-induced nausea. The average site will do just fine on VPS, and still escape the faulty service and throttling bandwidth so typical of shared hosting.

Providing Comparisons

What we really do is connect you with the best hosting providers to meet your needs. Not sure what your needs are? That's okay; we've got some tools to help you figure that part out too. If you want to poke around the site on your own, you'll find articles on hosting providers, VPS, dedicated hosting and more. Probably more than you ever wanted to know about server hosting, actually. But better too much information than too little, right?

Choosing a Provider

We understand that finding the right dedicated server host is a big deal. That website is your baby, and you want it taken care of. We get that. Take all the time you need to research the differences between shared, dedicated and VPS servers. Then, use our comparison tool to find a provider that fits your schematics and budget. Have special server needs, for gaming or for database servers? We can help you find providers who do that, too. We're happy to do it. Really.