Why Dedicated Hosting?

In a nutshell, dedicated hosting can give you more convenience, increased data security, and more predictable IT costs. And that's just a short list of benefits that you can enjoy when you choose a dedicated server. The real question is, why wouldn't you want that from your hosting provider?

The Difference

If you're wondering about dedicated servers, then it's a safe bet you're not using them. This means you're either on a cloud server and your in-house IT department is struggling to keep up, or you're sharing a server with a bunch of strangers. Changing your provider to either dedicated physical servers or VPS hosting will keep your data safer, require less management from your IT staff, and cost you a flat rate regardless of your bandwidth.

Managing Resources

Life in the cloud is tempting. Cloud hosting is the latest thing, and it's got a nice ring to it. But can you really afford to stretch your IT department that thin? Cloud servers usually aren't managed, so you'll have to handle every detail from the day-to-day all the way to crisis management. This means constant staff up-training and could lead to a lot of overtime among your IT staff.

Plus, you're most likely getting charged for amount of use, making business expansion intimidating and expensive. Your business growth shouldn't be limited by your hosting provider rates. If these reasons aren't enough, you can still keep costs low by opting for VPS hosting. This is the best of both worlds, since you'll get a virtual private server with the same benefits as a dedicated server but for less.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated servers are usually managed, although sometimes not. You get to decide. If you have a tiny IT department,, or just don't want to deal with the hassle of managing in-house servers, choosing a dedicated, managed provider is a good call. On the other hand, if your IT department rocks, you don't have to turn them out and hire strangers instead. With dedicated servers, there are more management levels available. And, like the name implies, you won't have to share your bandwidth; your server is all yours, no throttling required.

Your Final Decision

Although shared hosting services are cheapest up front, all those hidden costs will get you in the end. For companies that want unshared, dedicated bandwidth, have privacy or compliance concerns, or who just want a steady, predictable IT budget, choosing a dedicated server is the best way to go.