Dedicated Gaming Servers

While the casual gamer probably doesn't need a dedicated hosting server, the more hardcore you are, the better your own server starts to sound. Some "game servers" are for just one particular game with a set amount of players, with no administrative duties required. For sites aimed at gamers or those who host online games, though, a dedicated server host is definitely worth considering.

More than Just Games

A really good game evolves well beyond the game itself. Discussion forums and chat sites spring up, blogs buzz about new releases, and of course there's the added traffic from new converts flocking to their computer screens. On a typical shared hosting plan, this is way too much traffic. The result is more server errors, slow loading, game glitches, and the risk of having to pay for extra bandwidth. This is not a good way to keep your fans happy. Going with dedicated Web hosting servers for your gaming (and related) needs will solve all these problems.

Resources Aplenty

On a dedicated game server, you'll have oodles of bandwidth and disk space, enough for multiple games, loads of players, and all the extra forums, blogs, and online walkthroughs you could possibly need. While dedicated servers do cost more, there's always the option of going with VPS for many of the same performance perks, minus the physical dedicated server price tag.

Managed vs. Unmanaged

Whether you go with a dedicated server or VPS, you'll still need to conduct general maintenance, especially for the kind of high traffic that's seen on a popular gaming site. If you have the time and skillset to monitor and manage your own servers, that can be a very cost-effective way to take advantage of the greater resources now available at your disposal. If you'd rather pay attention to the game, opt for a hosting provider who offers full management with their dedicated servers. Many hosting providers will also offer a hybrid of partially managed servers that allow you to play to your personal strengths and unique setup.

Living Up to Your Reputation

Online gaming is growing like crazy, and some of the most popular ones require players to interact virtually with each other. The larger the fan base, the more server resources that game host is going to need. While not all gaming sites will need the same level of resources, choosing a dedicated hosting server will ensure that your players are not left in a lag-time lurch, and that your game can grow to its fullest potential.