Specialty Dedicated Hosting

There's the standard server needs, and then there's specialty needs. If you're a site owner looking for database servers, gaming servers, dual network servers, or need a higher performance or mass storage, you might consider VPS hosting as an alternative to a dedicated physical server. High-end virtual dedicated hosting performs very much like a dedicated server, but at a fraction of the cost. Plus, you still have lots of freedom to set things up however you choose.

Database Servers

Whether running MySQL or MS SQL, you'll want a dedicated server, either virtual or physical. Database servers need tremendous resources including both storage space and bandwidth. VPS offers plenty of both, without the high cost of a physical dedicated server. Most VPS providers will also have the flexibility to adapt to your needs as they grow. At least, the good ones will.

Dual Network Servers

There may be times when setting up one server isn't enough. Rather than getting a second physical dedicated server, you should be able to work with your VPS provider to expand your existing hosting service to your growing needs.

Dedicated Gaming Servers

For gaming fanatics who want greater customization, a dedicated server allows for the installation of multiple games. Handling all the administration yourself means tailoring the gaming experience to your own preferences.

High Performance Servers

Think you have to choose a dedicated physical server for high performance? Think again. VPS comes in all shapes and sizes, including a high performance level that's comparable to a standard dedicated server.

Mass Storage Servers

Really small sites can get by on shared hosting plans. Larger sites move to VPS for more space and greater freedom. Sites needing even more bandwidth or storage will commit to a dedicated host server. While the typical website will do just fine with the enormous amount of storage space granted by dedicated servers, some need even more. For really big projects, mass storage servers are always an option, whether using them for primary data or as backup.

Comparing Services

Our site allows you to easily find a hosting provider for your needs, even if you have non-standard needs. VPS hosting can handle most specialty orders that come up, from database servers to high performance capabilities. For even greater customization possibilities, you can choose a dedicated server instead and configure it to your precise specifications. After all, no two websites are exactly alike; why not find a hosting provider to suit your individuality?