Dedicated Hosting Key Features

It's pointless to choose a dedicated hosting server unless you really understand the benefits. Here are the main features to keep in mind:


Nobody wants unpredictable uptime, slow-loading pages or throttled bandwidth. These are three things you'll never have to worry about with dedicated servers. You're not sharing with anyone, so your portion won't be carefully doled out or monitored. Speed and reliability are not an issue, even for graphic-heavy sites. A dedicated server offers abundant system resources, which means better overall performance. If you've been getting a lot of complaints lately about your site being laggy or hearing other grumblings of customer dissatisfaction, it's time to make the switch to a dedicated server.


A dedicated server host provides maximum security for your data. Since that server is all yours with no sharing, there's never any risk that other users will be accessing it. With shared hosting, if even one site gets hacked, all the other sites on that server are vulnerable too. Not so with a dedicated server. A hacker will have to get in from the outside, rather than sneaking in through some other site the way they would on a shared server. Even in the case of virtual private server hosting, data is more protected than on a shared server. Plus, you can still slap on additional security if you're extra paranoid.


Using a dedicated server will give you more control than any shared plan could. Pick your OS, pick your server administration level, pick your price. If you're low on IT budget but high on skills, you can do your own server administration and save a bundle. If you'd rather pay more for the security and expertise of a fully managed hosting plan, you can do that too. You can even pick one of these and change your mind later on. Freedom of choice extends to your site as well. Features won't be limited by your bandwidth, meaning no more sacrificing design elements for better performance, or vice versa

Your Choice

If it's a choice between technical issues, downtime and security risks, wouldn't you rather pick the option that has, well, none of those? A dedicated hosting server gives you greater reliability with lower security risks, plus more freedom to use your hosting resources exactly the way you want. You have a vision for your company website. Don't sacrifice that vision to pinch a few pennies. You get what you pay for, and paying for dedicated hosting is worth every cent.