Dual Network Servers

Many site owners like to know that their dedicated server hosting can be connected either to the private or public network with two ports. Our service can help you locate a variety of Web server hosting providers who support this type of specialty dedicated hosting, while still offering the dedicated servers you need to keep your site running and happy.

Added Security

Any company who is serious about their privacy concerns and wants the utmost protection for their sensitive data has already chosen dedicated server Web hosting rather than shared. With shared hosting, once one site has been breached, every other site on the shared server is at higher risk of being hacked themselves. Even worse, if a separate site on your shared server is involved in nefarious activities, you could be banned right along with them, even if you've purchased a dedicated IP. Dedicated servers offer far more protection from rogue sites, plus added security from hacking attempts. For an even smarter security practice, you can use dual networks, keeping all internal communications between the servers on the private network. This ensures that confidential information is kept... well, confidential.

Increased Performance

What's going to give you a site with faster loading times and better performance, running on a shared network with tons of other resource-hogging sites, or having your own dedicated server? That's a pretty easy question, so hopefully you answered right. A shared network can't come anywhere close to providing the same levels of bandwidth or memory resources that a VPS or physical dedicated server can. Any type of dedicated server, virtual or not, is going to perform more impressively than shared servers. For a performance boost, you can use dual networks and bind the ports together to increase the public network speed.

Connectivity Insurance

A site's really only good while you can connect to it, right? Dual networks keep connections separate, so if one goes down, the server retains connectivity. Maintaining this type of vigilance is part of ensuring high uptime, and it's definitely something to look for in a hosting provider.

Our comparison service can help you find hosting providers who offer dual network servers, regardless of your reasons for wanting them. With the outstanding resources offered by using dedicated servers already, there's no reason not to go the extra mile to ensure that your security is watertight, uptime is solid, and your network speed is as fast as possible.