Mass Storage Servers

If you're in need of mass storage servers and you're still using shared Web server hosting, it's time to start shopping for a new hosting provider. Only dedicated servers will be able to give you the kind of storage space you need.

Sacrificing Performance

There's always a challenge in finding the right balance between performance and price, but sometimes it's worth paying extra. Compatibility is vital for anyone with serious hosting needs. Shared servers crowd data and leave sites vulnerable, while offering very little control. A dedicated server will cost more, but you'll have access to optimum performance, tons of storage, and far more options for customization.

Finding Balance

Managed dedicated server hosting can be extremely expensive, but there is an alternative. VPS hosting, using virtual private servers, is a great way to get cheap dedicated server hosting with equivalent performance capability. In VPS, the dedicated servers are virtual, not physical. Although you're sharing a physical CPU with other servers, they're partitioned off to be completely separate from one another. You'll have plenty of customization options, without spending extra for dedicated physical equipment.

The Importance of Storage

As your database grows to the capacity of your database hosting provider, faults start showing up. Sites begin to glitch and slow without sufficient storage to run them. It's pretty rare that a database grows smaller over time, so the answer is to upgrade to a system that allows more than enough database. This is even more important in cases where mass storage is required, both for storage and data retrieval purposes.

Ample Bandwidth

Along with storage, the size of your database affects your bandwidth. The more executed queries there are, the more bandwidth is needed to process them. The larger the database, the more queries are executed. Repeated, complex queries need lots of space to roam around free; you need expanded bandwidth to accommodate the thousands of query results flying around. Think in terms of country farm rather than city condo. Shared server plans are studio apartments; dedicated hosting plans are 80-acre ranches in the middle of nowhere.

Especially for Mass Storage

There's no reason to struggle with inadequate storage, or suffer poor site performance as a result when there's the option of dedicated server hosting. Whether you choose managed or unmanaged, physical servers or VPS, a dedicated hosting service will give you all the resources you need for mass storage and optimum performance.